Marketing Ideas for Small Business

There are many marketing ideas for small business today. You can create a social media page and engage with new and existing clients. Add a blog to your website and write daily posts. Other marketing ideas include joining a Chamber or Meetup group, sending out digital newsletters or become a speaker. Below are a few ideas to help marketing your small business.

Social media marketing ideas

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in are great social media sites for groups to discuss marketing. You can also start your own marketing group on any these sites. social-media-sites
Here’s a link for Linkedin groups:
Google+ communities here:
Facebook groups can be found here:

Submit information to blogs

Blog writers are always looking for content for their sites. You can submit information about a target appropriate topic with a link to your website. For example, if you sell widgets then look for a blog and/or writer that talks about widgets.

Launch a blog on your site and update it daily

Have an employee who can write and spell, write articles about your industry. Highlight products that you sell or services you provide. Announce specials, new products and upcoming product changes. Write a “customer-of-the-month” article to highlight an existing customer.

Increase your business visibility in your region

Join local organizations that provide business networking opportunities, or start your own meet-up group. Do volunteer work for a large charity or a non-profit organization.

Ask your clients for referrals

Offer an incentive to your clients (discount on their next product or service, Starbucks card, or an Amazon card) who send you a referral. Be sure to send a personal thank you card to thank them for their time and the referral.

Update your website

Outdated websites don’t attract new business. Clean and frequently updated websites show your clients that you are an active business. Let users subscribe to your site to get update notices, news and/or specials.

Provide helpful information to your customers

The information should be related to your type of business and can include tips, reviews, and other information that can help drive sales. For example, a business selling computers can provide a guide to selecting the best computer for different uses, or software programs and how-to videos on YouTube.

Use your downtime for marketing

When you are slow at work, keep your employees busy by contacting your customers. Create an e-mail marketing document that your employees can send to individual customers. Remember, personal contact with customers gets results.   If you need help with marketing your small business, call J. Murray & Associates at 630.964.4401. J. Murray & Associates is a full service marketing agency located in Downers Grove, Illinois. We are a team of creative designers, curious writers, committed developers and strategic thinkers that provide marketing solutions for small businesses.

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