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J. Murray & Associates a Manufacturing Marketing Company in Downers Grove

Traditional marketing practices are still used by many manufacturing companies today. However, in recent years manufacturers are thirsting for a digital presence.


We’ve all heard the term, “There’s an app for that.” Turn on the news and they’re reporting on tweets about a current event. And everyone has heard, “Just Google it.”

There are several digital marketing channels that can be used for manufacturing companies. But before you begin, you have to know your target audience.

Let’s assume your manufacturing company has a website (if you don’t, you should hire a web design company). How will prospective customers find your website- from your business card, catalog or a trade magazine? Many of the prospects will search on Google (Google receives 12 million searches monthly). But, how do they search for your company? If your website is not search engine optimized, chances are your site will not be found.